Pediatrician Mai Khanh Tran Announces Campaign for Congress Against Ed Royce

doctran2018Mai Khanh Tran, MD kicked off her historic campaign for Congress ( on June 5 against twenty-four year incumbent Ed Royce, calling his vote for Trumpcare a giveaway to insurance companies and the wealthy, that will increase deductibles and co-pays even for those able to keep their insurance, and end guaranteed coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

“As a physician who has been treating under-served families for the past twenty-five years here in Orange County, I am saddened by Ed Royce’s callousness, and as a citizen I am angry.  Americans deserve better and I want to do something about it,” said Mai Khanh Tran.

Congressman Ed Royce has failed the families of California’s 39th Congressional District on a whole range of critical issues.  Ed Royce votes with Donald Trump ninety-six percent of the time, consistently receives A ratings from the NRA, and opposes women’s health rights and human rights.

He has taken millions of dollars from big corporate interests, while earning failing grades for protecting the environment and fighting climate change.   Ed Royce also earns failing grades for his lack of support for our public schools, colleges and universities.

“In Ed Royce’s America, if you are not wealthy and can’t afford powerful lobbyists, your voice doesn’t count.  I’m running for Congress because everyday working families deserve a voice and deserve better.  Even though I’ve been an underdog throughout my life, I was given great opportunities to succeed in this country.   America never once turned her back on me,” said Mai Khanh Tran.

When she was nine years old, Mai Khanh and her three siblings came to United States as refugees from Vietnam.  Without speaking a word of English, the Tran siblings became farmworkers picking strawberries, working for years alongside other migrant families in rural Oregon.

After the fall of Saigon, her parents also escaped Vietnam.  The Tran family continued as farmworkers, cramming into a small living room and renting their only bedroom to a stranger to help pay the rent.

With help of Pell Grants and scholarships, Mai Khanh worked her way through Harvard as a janitor cleaning bathrooms on campus.   After graduating from Harvard, she spent nearly a year working as a healthcare analyst on Wall St., before attending Dartmouth\Brown Medical School and completing her residency in Pediatrics at UCLA.

“I overcame some pretty long odds in my life – including surviving breast cancer twice – and I feel privileged for the opportunity to give back and serve my community as a Physician.  In Congress, I will fight to strengthen our healthcare laws and for every family to have the same opportunities I had to achieve the American Dream,” said Mai Khanh Tran.

Tran added, “The voices of working and middle class men and woman across California’s 39th Congressional District have been missing in Washington for too long.  Our campaign will be about them.”

Visit to learn more.

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