How Asian Americans* fared in yesterday’s primaries

* and a Muslim American

Here’s some Asian American highlights – focused mostly on Congressional races – from yesterday’s primaries in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington.

But first … We salute U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono for continuing to be a strong critic of the Kavanaugh nomination.

Washington StateRep. Pramila Jayapal won her top-two race against Republican Craig Keller with 81 percent to 19 percent. Rep. Jayapal and Keller face off again in the general. She is the first Indian American woman to serve in the House of Representatives, the first women to represent her district in Congress, and the first Asian American to represent Washington in Congress.

Michigan – Former state representative Rashida Tlaib is on her way to become the first Muslim woman elected to Congress after securing the Democratic primary in Michigan’s 13th, formerly represented by Congressman John Conyers. Suneel Gupta came in third in a crowded primary field in Michigan’s 11th. Special mention: State Rep. Stephanie Chang, elected the first Asian American woman in the Michigan State Legislature, won her race for the state senate.

Kansas – There were no Asian American candidates in federal races, but Rui Xu won his uncontested primary for Kansas 25th state house district. His general opponent is Republican Melissa Rooker, the incumbent representative.

Missouri – No Asian American candidates that I’m aware of, but some trivia: Republican Eric Greitens (who resigned as governor rather than face impeachment over allegations of sexual misconduct and violations of campaign finance law) appointed in March 2017 the first Asian American cabinet official – Anna S. Hui – in the state’s history. Hui remains the Director of the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.

Upcoming Primaries

August 11: Hawaii
August 14: Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont
August 21: Alaska, Wyoming
August 28: Arizona, Florida


United For Compassion 2: A Japantown Community Gathering
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Dale Minami: The Math (and Path) is Clear. We Must Take Back Congress in Order to Restrain Trump.

NAPAWF condemns the President’s decision to nominate Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

AALDEF is concerned that the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh does not augur well for immigrants and communities of color.

A group led by conservative activist Ed Blum is suing Harvard University for discrimination against Asian Americans. Make sure you have the facts.

Black Man Confronts Racist Woman Complaining About Asians at a Boston Supermarket.

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